The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent - Mont-Royal at the service of its business community

Word from the President

It is with great pride that I will exercise my functions as President of the Chamber during a second mandate. I wish to express my sincere thanks to each of you for your renewed confidence in my ability to lead your Chamber.

This re-election is the result of our collective work and our dedication toward the business community.  Together, we have taken major steps forward during my first mandate. We met the challenge, seized opportunities and consolidated the position of our Chamber as an undeniable player in the economic development of our region.

I want to acknowledge the outgoing members of the Board of directors for their unwavering commitment and their precious contribution throughout their mandate.  Their expertise and determination were the key to our success.  A big thank you to Samia Chebeir from CF Montréal, Marc André Deschênes from Tesla RP, Nadia Hanine from Lavery Avocats and John Kappos from Mckesson Canada, for your contribution and your support!

Future Outlook

In looking toward the future, I am filled with hope regarding the outlook before us. We are living through a period of great change and unprecedented challenges, but I am convinced that our Chamber of Commerce is fully prepared to confront these new realities.

Over the next few years, we will continue to promote innovation, encourage entrepreneurship and facilitate the development of local businesses.  We will pay attention to the needs of our members and we will work tirelessly to represent them before various important decision-bodies.

 Here is a preview of some of the events planned for 2023-2024:

  • Webinar about ChatGPT that took place on August 24th.
  • Webinar about Brain Gym – October 3.
  • Pair connex: a series of 4 virtual meetings – October to November
  • Alpha Gala – October 19th
  • Annual Talk given by Mayor Alan DeSousa – November 2
  • 5@7 CarbonLeo – November 9th
  • Lunch talks on digitization postponed until November 29th
  • Christmas Supper – December 12
  • 5 à 7 at OCR Canada – January 25th 2024
  • Mastermind Series with Cloé Caron, 5 monthly meetings from February to June 2024
  • DG’s Cocktail – April 2024
  • 2024 Golf Tournament – June 2024

Events under discussion:

  • Panel of Experts in collaboration with Desjardins
  • Vietnam Mission in collaboration with le Groupe Engram
  • Commercial Fair with the Alpha finalists

As the re-elected President, I am committed to maintaining transparency in our governance, favoring the diversity of ideas and encouraging the active participation of all members. Our strength lies in our ability to collaborate to reach a common goal.  I would also like to thank our faithful partners.  Their commitment and their constant support are essential to the realization of our projects and the success of our initiatives.

I want to thank them warmly because their involvement has allowed the Chamber to gradually expand its influence and increase its contribution to the prosperity of our two territories – Saint-Laurent and Mont-Royal.I’d also like to welcome all our new members – we are anxious to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of each of them. All together we will do everything possible to make the Chamber a committed organization.  Welcome to Andrew Mule, Patrick Chamberland from CookIt, Daniel Prudkov from KRB avocats and Claudia Teucke from Scotia Bank.

My final thanks go to the entire team of the Chamber, the members of the executive committee and of the Board of Directors and to all our members for their wholehearted commitment.

I thank you.