All around French!

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent – Mont-Royal has renewed for a second year its project « All around French! » thanks to the contribution of the Office québécois de la langue française .

The goal of this project, which aims to promote the use of langue française is to make our community aware of the importance of choosing French both in the public space and in the workplaces of Saint-Laurent and Mont-Royal, to encourage Anglophone and Allophone businesses to communicate in French with their customers and suppliers and create a feeling of pride in speaking French.

In addition, the CCSLMR has launched an information and awareness campaign among businesses and traders in its territory.
It This is the regulation of the French language charter concerning the display of trademarks, which will come into force on November 24.

See Guide Display of Trademarks

With the financial participation of


Your opinion is precious to us!

Montreal businesses are faced with specific linguistic challenges.

We are trying to assess the impact of our approach to information and awareness raising on French signage, launched by the CCSLMR last November.

Help us analyze the impact of our project by responding to this very short survey and get a chance to win a pair of tickets valued at $ 600 for our far event: the Alpha Gala!

Thank you for your cooperation!

For more information, please contact
Ms. Fatima Jabrak 514 333-5222, ext. 226