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 It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that I will fulfill my functions as the President of the Chamber for  a third year. I accepted the renewal of my mandate in order to ensure continuity and especially to address the challenges of the new objectives we had set for ourselves related to  development and to  the support the collective interests of our current and future members, within the business communities on our territory.

  We should be pleased with the results achieved this past year.The Chamber succeeded in holding to its objectives and thanks to these changes, we believe that the Chamber is now more present, more engaged and more motivating for its members.

 The Chamber also stood out in several ways: it organized more activities and a greater variety of events, and invited  several  famous speakers to address current issues; it took a firm stand on controversial files; and finally it brought in new  partners, one of which deserves special attention, namely, the Borough of Saint-Laurent.

The result is that our business community reacted positively and increased its participation in our events, especially the Alpha Gala, which over the past 2 years has been the activity that attracts the largest number of participants from the Western Montreal business community.

Nonetheless, for the coming year, we realize that given the current more individualized and segmented context, the Chamber will need to concentrate its efforts on files that bring people together, while being resilient in the face of the constant changes we will face. The Chamber must increase its role as a spokes person, a business facilitator and a defender of important files that can affect the sustainability of its members in the future. The Chamber should also put in place strategies and find ways to encourage companies and businesses on its territory and help them develop a sense of community and belonging by making them aware of the issues and files they have in common and that concern all of them.

The realization of these tangible commitments on the part of business people on our territories and the confidence businesses have shown us over the years, will be the driving forces to propel the Chamber toward the transformation we wish to accomplish. A transformation that will give their Chamber the means to match its ambitions to communicate, defend and promote businesses on its territory.

In closing, I would like to thank all our members and partners for their support and their unshakeable contributions as well as their valued collaboration all year long. I would also like to highlight my appreciation and thanks for the contributions of the members of the Board and the employees of the Chamber who work year after year to reach our objectives.

Éric Daignault



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